Kadsura Dragon™ Vine cultivation management for the “God peach”  is easier than most fruits. They can be grown similar to grapes or kiwi vines and are more pest-resistant than grapes. The plants do not require much pruning, are typically pest free of pest or disease.

When growing in an open position it is recommended to set a pole or build a frame or an arbor like a grape or kiwi.

Dragon™ Vine Cultivation Structures

A trellis or arbor can ensure stable production and high-yield for many years.

Dragon™ Vine plants are equally healthy under the deep shade of established forest or planted under fruit orchards.

Today, this Kadsura varietal offers a wide range of adaptability and should be successful through many areas of the United States and indeed the world. It has relatively the same growing range as large kiwi fruit or even cool season fruits that like long growing seasons.

Plants have a wide range of fruit culture in the USA and are highly adaptable. They prefer a sheltered position with some moderate shade, but can also handle full-sun positions.

The vines create a type of shade for themselves as they twine up and cover arbors or a tree.