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The Hunt for Wild Kadsura

There is no doubt that wild Kadsura has been harvested  for 800 years or more. Documented use is harder to find but recorded collection data, dates back about 400 years. (see Saunders) In its native habitat, wild Kadsura is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Traces of these original plants in the forest still exist but […]

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Dragon™ Vine Fruit for a Long Life of Beauty

Ancient statues of Confucius often portray the noble wise-man holding “the peach of immortality” in his hand. While Confucius’ beloved fruit is often regarded as the ‘peach of immortality’, Black surmises, on his blog dragonvines.com that, “Kadsura or Dragon™ Vine Fruit, is the actual fruit of immortality of which Confucious so wisely expounded upon.” And […]

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The Kadsura Dragon™ Vine Cultivation in the USA

In the early ’90s, a series of Kadsura Dragon™ Vine expeditions into the wilds of montane and subtropical China was made by Jerome Black, of Oregon, focusing his work in Guizhou, Hubei, Yunnan, Guangxi, and with indigenous hill tribes on the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.  After being arrested in China in 1991 and […]

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The Elusive High-Elevation Kadsura

The genus of Kadsura and its remarkable clan have a wide distribution in mountainous Central and South China. Some seldom-seen high-elevation Kadsura species grow in areas of Northern Laos, Vietnam, and Northern Myanmar. Climatic ranges in these regions are typically cool subtopic realms, other native habitats are wet, often cold temperate forests at elevations of […]

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