As a medicinal, the Kadsura Dragon™ Vine’s roots and stems can reduce swelling and pain,  used for the treatment of stomach disease, rheumatism, bone pain, and as a poultice to reduce bruises. Dragon™ Vine Fruit and dried vines are also considered to be aphrodisiac, pectoral, and referred to by the Chinese as ‘Tonic Yin Medicine’.

Kadsura Dragon™ Vine Fruit has high nutritional and medicinal value.

Natural drug compounds extracted from Kadsura Dragon™ Vine

Most of the Kadsura Dragon™ Vine medicinal research taking place with the natural drug compounds is taking place in China where it originated:

What does this all mean for practical application?

The Kadsura Dragon™ Vine plant is considered medicinal and can relieve swelling and pain, used to treat stomach disease, rheumatism, and that laboratories are screening novel Kadsura in compounds for potential anticancer treatments.

The roots and stems are harvested, dried, and stored throughout the year, roots are dried washed, and cut into small sections, and packed for distribution to the herbalist and is becoming rarer to see in indigenous markets.