Kadsura Dragon™ Vine propagation can easily be accomplished in regions similar to San Francisco and South to San Diego, or North to Portland or Seattle, or even the island of Vancouver near Sannichton and Nanaimo Canada, where kiwi fruit have been successful – albeit in a protected microclimate- offer exciting opportunities for this new Kadsura Dragon™ Vine fruiting vine.

Deep hard freezes or long-duration below 10* should be expected to damage or kill these plants if left unprotected. The far northern regions where this plant may thrive outside of China are yet to be established.  Since the plant is exceptionally vigorous and fast-growing, and since flowers are formed on one-year-old and often new growth, this leaves opportunities for growers in cold winter areas to apply some type of winter protection along the trunks. We welcome growers to participate in adding knowledge for the cultivation in temperate climes across the world.

Small plants should always be protected from hard freezes while young or in fast growth. In very warm summer areas, hot dry temperatures consistently above 95* will cause the plants to enter a type of ‘summer dormancy period’ and slow growth until cooler weather returns.

Kadsura Dragon™ Vine Propagation in the USA

It is believed that the first experimental fruit plantings outside of China were made in California by Katy Warren and Jerry Black on the Green Gold Ranch in Chico California, in the 1990s.

“The Vines grew rapidly, often growing over 12 over feet a year,” Katy Warren reported of their planting.  “It’s a very tough plant, and so pretty, I intend to retire by growing these on my farm.”