Kadsura Dragon™ Vine Fruit: A Giant Berry-Like Fruit

When talking about the Kadsura Dragon™ Vine fruit in 1999, Katy Warren, who is known as the ‘Queen of Kiwano Melon’ for her national introduction of the brilliantly yellow-and-neon-green horned cucumber; now sold to nearly every major food chain in the USA,  remarked,  “It’s just crazy that this ‘giant raspberry-like fruit, isn’t found in stores across […]

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Successful Kadsura Dragon™ Vine Propagation

Kadsura Dragon™ Vine propagation can easily be accomplished in regions similar to San Francisco and South to San Diego, or North to Portland or Seattle, or even the island of Vancouver near Sannichton and Nanaimo Canada, where kiwi fruit have been successful – albeit in a protected microclimate- offer exciting opportunities for this new Kadsura […]

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The Elusive High-Elevation Kadsura

The genus of Kadsura and its remarkable clan have a wide distribution in mountainous Central and South China. Some seldom-seen high-elevation Kadsura species grow in areas of Northern Laos, Vietnam, and Northern Myanmar. Climatic ranges in these regions are typically cool subtopic realms, other native habitats are wet, often cold temperate forests at elevations of […]

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